Melamchi Water Supply Project - Major Works

Melamchi Diversion Scheme

The major work under this scheme is the construction of Diversion tunnel approximately 26.3 km long excavated by drill and blast method in order to divert 170 MLD of raw water from Melamchi River to Sundarijal outlet where the raw water is treated before sending it to Bulk Distribution System (BDS). Read More

Water Treatment Plant

The main objective of the Water Treatment Plant is to treat raw water from the Melamchi Khola to potable standards according to the current World Health Organization Guidelines. Planning and design of the Water Treatment Plant shall take in to account for the proposed future expansion of capacity. Read More

Social and Environmental Support

The major objectives of this consolidated safeguards and social development support consultancy is to build up a social development program with significant community participation ownership and empowerment Read More

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